TAC-3™ Multi-Purpose Leash (Advertisement Only)

TAC-3™ Multi-Purpose Leash (Advertisement Only)
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Recommended for law enforcement and military training and deployments but suitable for civilian dog owners and trainers as well.

The TAC-3™ is now available exclusively from K9 Tactical Gear (the company that produces it).  

Every dog is not the same. Every street encounter is not the same. Every training session is not the same. Why should your leash configuration always be the same? Will you have sufficient time to make a switch during a rapidly-evolving deployment?!?!


The TAC-3™ is a multi-purpose adjustable-length leash developed by Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired) and handcrafted to TAC Team specifications exclusively by K9 Tactical Gear. It is designed for K9 handlers to readily provide three OPTIONS for the handler when deploying or training with a police or military service dog. Two heavy-duty low-profile metal buckles allow the TAC-3™ to be quickly configured to serve three separate and distinct functions; standard leash, short (obedience) leash, and tactical CQB (traffic) lead.

OPTION #1 - The "standard leash" option (fully-assembled) provides an adjustable range from 34 inches to 46 inches in length. It can be easily wrapped around the handler's waist and secured when not in use.

OPTION #2 - Disconnect Section A and the "short (obedience) leash" now allows more control, restricts range, reduces excess leash line, and provides for quicker and crisper corrections when necessary during obedience and foot patrols. It can be adjusted from 25 inches minimum to 37 inches in length.

OPTION #3 - Disconnect Section B and connect Section A and C so the "CQB lead" is ready for tighter control when working near or within crowds or close quarter situations. This lead option has an overall length of 14 inches when fully connected.

Recent comment: "The [TAC-3™] leash is excellent. It is nice having all [options] in one leash. I also like the fact you can put it in your tac vest pocket which you can't really do with a leather one."

To purchase, contact K9 Tactical Gear directly at https://k9tacticalgear.com/collections/nylon-leads/products/tac-3-leash