TAC-3™ BLUE Multi-Purpose Leash

TAC-3™ BLUE Multi-Purpose Leash
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A friend recently ordered a customized TAC-3™ leash from me in royal blue for his pet dog (not a police dog). I had it made and several people saw the new color after it arrived. A few handlers wanted one for off-duty use and "civilians" liked the new color versus the basic "tactical" colors currently offered.

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Every dog is not the same. Every training session is not the same. Every walk may be conducted in different environments and conditions. Do you want options?


The TAC-3™ is a multi-purpose adjustable-length leash developed by Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired) and handcrafted to TAC Team specifications. It is designed for K9 handlers and dog owners to provide three OPTIONS when walking or training with a medium to large size dog. Two heavy-duty low-profile metal buckles allow the TAC-3™ to be configured to serve three separate and distinct functions; standard leash, short (obedience) leash, and short (traffic) lead.

OPTION #1 - The "standard leash" option (fully-assembled) provides an adjustable range from 34 inches to 46 inches in length. It can be easily wrapped around the handler's waist and secured when not in use.

OPTION #2 - The "short (obedience) leash" now allows more control, restricts range, reduces excess leash line, and provides for quicker and crisper corrections when necessary during obedience and walks within crowds. It can be adjusted from 25 inches minimum to 37 inches in length.

OPTION #3 - The "traffic lead" is ready for tighter control when walking near or within crowds or close quarter situations to maximize control. This lead option has an overall length of 14 inches when fully connected.

High quality material consists of one-inch width ROYAL BLUE nylon with two low-profile quick-release metal buckles (450#), slide adjuster, bolt snap and O-ring.

You can view the different options and configurations by clicking on the TAC-3™ leash below.