TAC-6™ Dual-Purpose Leash

TAC-6™ Dual-Purpose Leash
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“When I designed the TAC-3™ leash I thought I created the perfect multi-purpose leash for handlers – and it is a great leash according to the feedback from its users. However, it was suggested to me that some handlers prefer a longer leash – six feet ideally – to conduct online searches during detection work and some close quarter patrol use. And, the ability to quickly convert this longer leash into a tactical CQB (traffic) lead when needed was still considered a benefit. So, I’ve created the TAC-6™ Dual-Purpose Leash based on the same quality and design of the TAC-3™ - and I think those of you who prefer a longer leash will be impressed with this new one!” -Bill Lewis II

Recommended for law enforcement and military training and deployments but suitable for civilian dog owners and trainers as well.

The TAC-6™ is a dual-purpose leash developed by Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired) – based on handler input – and handcrafted to TAC Team specifications. It is designed for K9 handlers to readily provide two OPTIONS for the handler when deploying or training with a police or military service dog. Two heavy-duty metal buckles allow the TAC-6™ to be quickly converted from a standard 6-foot leash to a tactical CQB (traffic) lead.

High quality material consists of one-inch width COVERT BLACK or COMBAT (OD) GREEN nylon with two low-profile quick-release metal buckles (450#), bolt snap and O-ring. The overall length as a standard leash is six feet and the tactical lead when connected is approximately 16 inches.

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