Tac-K9 Dual-Purpose [Civilian] Leash

Tac-K9 Dual-Purpose [Civilian] Leash
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Yes, you can purchase a cheaper leash for your dog but it will be a cheaper leash. Before you decide, read more...

The dual-purpose Tac-K9 Leash is our most versatile single leash for pet [civilian] dog owners and off-duty K9 handlers, primarily designed for large breeds, strong medium breeds, aggressive dogs and as an aid in training. It has also been used to lead horses, cattle and goats.

If you water ski or wakeboard, you might be tempted to yell “Hit it” to your dog instead of “Let’s go for a walk” after you attach this leash to its collar because the handle resembles a mini-ski handle. However, you will quickly find this is one of the most comfortable leashes you will ever use and it enhances your walking experience so you can enjoy the walk and your dog. The handle has a comfortable, cushion grip that cannot collapse on your hand and get wrapped around your wrist.

What makes this 44-inch (overall length) leash unique is the incorporation of an internal, high quality stretch-cord that allows the extension portion of the leash to stretch approximately 6 to 8 inches under full strain before becoming fully extended. This s t r e t c h a b i l i t y – similar to a bungee cord - makes the leash more user-friendly and much less likely to cause injury to the dog and handler than a conventional fixed-length leash.

When a dog forges ahead and reaches the end of a fixed-length leash attached to a collar, there is often times a sudden jerk which places excessive pressure on the dog's windpipe and spine as well as the handler's arm and shoulder. With our leash, the dog encounters increasing resistance which gives it advance warning that it is about to come to the end of the leash. The dog quickly learns when it's time to "back off" prior to reaching the end of the leash. This eliminates the constant "jerking action" that is so often seen and associated with walking a dog. This leash is not only more comfortable for the handler - it is much healthier for the dog.

One customer commented: "This leash is like an investment in my dog."

The handle section can be disconnected completely from the leash extension and used separately as a tactical, traffic or short lead for close-walking and tighter control. We sell this lead section separately as the TacSki K9 Short Lead and you can read more about the advantages and uses of that lead by clicking on it in “Related Item(s)” below.

Each leash has heavy-duty hardware and made with high-tech marine-grade polypropylene that is UV and abrasion resistant.

Colors available are Black (with reflective strip) and Harley (black/orange/silver).

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