TacSki K9 Short Lead

TacSki K9 Short Lead
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You’re probably going to laugh when you first view our TacSki K9 Short Lead – you may have already done so - but if you are a K9 handler who works special events or long details with your service dog on a traditional tactical (traffic) lead, you know how uncomfortable your hand feels after holding the narrow handle of a nylon or leather lead for a significant time period – especially if you and your dog are constantly moving and working within close proximity of crowds – cooperative or not.

If you are a civilian (pet) dog owner who takes long walks or has a persistent and energetic large or strong medium-sized dog that is constantly forging and pulling you along or your dog is not sociable and you need to prevent accidental encounters with people or other dogs, you also have experienced the discomfort when holding a traditional leash handle.

And, if you water ski or wakeboard, you might be tempted to yell “Hit it!” to your dog instead of “Let’s go for a walk!” after you attach this lead to its collar or leash extension because it looks and feels like a mini-ski handle.

This unique, dual-purpose lead provides maximum control of your dog when you are walking within crowds or you don’t want your dog to wander away from you even a few feet. It can be attached to a leash extension or a standard leash or long line with an O-ring in the handle. The lead is designed with quality materials and durable heavy-duty hardware with your choice of an attached steel spring snap or quick-release bolt snap. The handle has a comfortable, cushion grip that cannot collapse on your hand or get wrapped around your wrist. The overall length is 15 inches. The lead portion of the handle is made from high-tech marine-grade polypropylene and is UV and abrasion resistant.

TACTICAL APPLICATION: This lead was originally tested by TAC Team as a tool to assist police K9 handlers when they deploy in a tactical operation using a long line during a search or track. The dual-purpose handle can serve as an “anchor” by attaching it to the end of a standard long line to better secure and control the line as the dog deploys. It can also be used separately as a tactical (traffic) lead. The spring snap version allows it to easily attach and accommodate up to a one-inch wide standard nylon long line or a long line with an O-ring in the handle. It then serves as a "handle" during a search or track. The bolt snap version is a little less bulky and more low profile and can also be attached to a collar to be used as a short lead or attached to a long line with an O-ring as a handle for searches or tracks.

"I initially conducted testing and personally observed these leads attached to long lines for use by K9 teams in California and Brazil during training for tactical building and small area searches. At first, the leads do not get a respectable response because they are obviously ‘something-different’ and the ski-handle appearance. The current reviews are mixed pro and con depending on the circumstances and environment in which they are being used. Some handlers do not like the bulkiness of the lead attached to a long line during a building search if left to drag behind it and most handlers like the comfort of the handle during a long track or as a short lead. However, they all agreed this lead is a good tool to have in the K9 tool box." -Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired)

There are two versions of our TacSki K9 Short Lead currently available with either a heavy-duty spring snap or a traditional quick-release bolt snap. The spring snap version is available in Covert Black and Tactical Camo. The bolt snap version is available in Covert Black, Tactical Camo and Harley (black/orange/silver).