Tyan Wedgie Doorstop 24-pak

Tyan Wedgie Doorstop 24-pak
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The Tyan Wedgie [Tactical] Doorstop was initially conceived and designed by a good friend/SWAT scout as a better way to keep self-closing doors propped open during covert clearings of locations.

Thousands of these doorstops are sold each year with the primary users currently being hotel maids, custodians and maintenance workers. Unfortunately, tactical teams, K9 teams, patrol personnel, investigators and CSI still have not yet had the opportunity to fully experience the tactical (and convenient) advantage of deploying this product as it was originally intended to be used.

These doorstops can also be used for training exercises, building searches, warrant services, and crime scene investigations.

There are other tactical and industrial doorstops on the market, but the Tyan Wedgie is feather-light, low profile and very easy for a tactical operator, K9 handler, patrol officer or investigator to store in a tactical pouch, shirt or cargo pants pocket, or carry around the neck using a lanyard (not included). The approximate size in inches is 3/8 by 4 3/8 by 2 3/4. The firm polypropylene material is perfect for heavy fire-rated doors, such as metal, the type of door commonly used in hotels, hospitals, and other commercial environments. Includes a 3/8-inch hole for lanyard/key ring access.

The 24-pak contains twenty-four (24) doorstops. Available in Covert Black.